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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blunders of Prof. Lakin Akintola’s MURIC on ‘Muslimah Beauty Pageant’

Just some few years ago, some ill-faced persons came forward saying they are Muslim gays! How on earth can you say you are a Muslim gay while you are aware of what Allâh the Irresistible Lord did to the People of Loot [the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah] simply because of sodomy, and of course, its underlying Kufr.

There is hardly any unIslamic practice which some Muslims have not tried to ‘Islamize’ today. May Allâh pardon those who laid the foundations for ‘Islamization of knowledge,’ alas, some people have lent it a rope. Many Muslims make efforts today to Islamize even raw unbelief.

The latest in the Islamization madness is the so-called ‘World Muslimah Beauty Pageant’ which should rather be called ‘Corruption of the Muslimah.’

Whoever has any iota of understanding of the Islamic knowledge will know that the concept of Muslimah Beauty pageant is madness, foolishness, craziness, corruption of land, calling to lewdness and obscenity. Read more

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