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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You Can Never Taint the Salafee Da’wah

Worse still is when a person stubbornly remains upon sins and falsehood. He was told, ‘this thing you have done is Haram, repent to your Lord.’ He mounted a defence to the fools who cared to listen to him, ‘they are only speaking ill of me because they want to do it too.’ Do what? The Haram you fell into? Are you sensible at all? READ MORE:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Lasting Word for the Close Quarters Corrupters of the Salafee Manhaj

The trend in our close quarters, and in every Salafee Community, has called for this lasting word, for the silent destroyers of the sacred Salafee Manhaj.

Remaining silent about them is increasingly becoming dangerous. It is just a matter of time before their fang is let loose. Read more:

Blunders of Prof. Lakin Akintola’s MURIC on ‘Muslimah Beauty Pageant’

Just some few years ago, some ill-faced persons came forward saying they are Muslim gays! How on earth can you say you are a Muslim gay while you are aware of what Allâh the Irresistible Lord did to the People of Loot [the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah] simply because of sodomy, and of course, its underlying Kufr.

There is hardly any unIslamic practice which some Muslims have not tried to ‘Islamize’ today. May Allâh pardon those who laid the foundations for ‘Islamization of knowledge,’ alas, some people have lent it a rope. Many Muslims make efforts today to Islamize even raw unbelief.

The latest in the Islamization madness is the so-called ‘World Muslimah Beauty Pageant’ which should rather be called ‘Corruption of the Muslimah.’

Whoever has any iota of understanding of the Islamic knowledge will know that the concept of Muslimah Beauty pageant is madness, foolishness, craziness, corruption of land, calling to lewdness and obscenity. Read more


Some ten years ago in South-West Nigeria, there arrived a fellow from Egypt en route Lagos and finally landed in a city known for some Islamic presence albeit Soofiyyah, Ilorin. This was a time when there was a resurgence of Sunnah-Salafiyyah in the region. Many youths were very enthusiastic to learn what was new in the Sunnah, and without much ado, would put it into action. This was also a time when many Sunnah-loving youths were freeing themselves from the blindness of hizbiyyah [blameworthy partisanship] that was being promoted by many Sunnah-seeming organizations. There were scholars of Sunnah at the time but they were very handful, or not very prominent, perhaps because the challenge was not really there. Then the youths began to hear some conundrums from the fellow that arrived from Egypt. Things that were not what the youths were yearning for. Though some of the youths, especially those not really on the knowledge path, as usual, fell for the bait. Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalaanee [may Allâh show mercy on him], the writer of the popular Bulooghul-Maraam and the best commentary on Saheeh Bukhaari, was a Kâfir because he was an unrepentant Ash’aree (a person that makes some twistings in some of the Attributes of Allaah). Abu Haneefah [may Allâh show mercy on him] was no Imaam at all, in fact he was an ignoramus that rarely said what was correct whether in jurisprudential matters or ‘Aqeedah; he was a Mur’ji’ [a person that removes actions from belief] so he must be removed from the Four Imaams! Al-Imaam an-Nawawee [may Allâh show mercy on him] was also a Kâfir because he was as guilty as Ibn Hajar [may Allâh show mercy on him]. Al-Imaam As-Suyootee was indeed a Sufi whose comments and scholarly works amounted to nothing. If you eat with your spoon and fork you have come up with an innovation in the Deen and your abode is the hell, do not count on any excuse because there is no excuse in the matters that have to do with Aqeedah! If you have a newborn, and you invite people to it to dine with you, then you are as well as a kaafir. If your wife or daughter or mother does not cover her face then she is a sinner and her sin is nothing but a Kufr act, therefore she will enter the hellfire, no question. All the fathers are unbelievers if they do not hear what we say, hence when we pretentiously ask for the hands of their daughters in marriage and they fail to grant it we shall go ahead and marry them, there is no need for a Sharee’ah Qaadi to permit it, the Qudaat themselves are people of bid’ah and the people bid’ah, as far as we are concerned are Kuffaar, not even the minor Kufr! Kufr is Kufr just as bid’ah is bid’ah all which lands its doer in the hell as a major sin.

By Allâh, we have some youths that imbibe(d) the above false and far-from-the-correct-manhaj teachings, and of course, put them into ferocious actions declaring whomever comes with different stances even if they are more correct as kuffaar mubtadi’oon. May Allâh save the Muslims.

Nobody brought the thoughts we have mentioned to South-West Nigeria other than the fellow that came from Egypt via Lagos. His name is Muhammad Awwal Alee Jabata [may Allâh guide him and us to what is correct]. He is indeed a scourge for the Muslims in the South-West Nigeria.

As we said, he had his higher schooling in Egypt. He studied nothing but the course many scholars of Sunnah, past and present, had warned us about, Falsafa [Philosophy] in a university which nobody goes and remains safe in ‘Aqeedah and Manhaj except whomever is shown mercy by Allâh, al-Azhar University, Cairo. Jabata was doing his Master’s degrees when he was sent away from the school for anti-government activities; he was eventually jailed. One of his former first-class students, whom Allâh the Bountiful Lord has saved from him, Abdul-Fattaah Balloo, told us that when they were students under him, Jabata used to boast of being sent out of the Azhari University because of what he claimed were bold steps in saying the ‘truth’ against the government! Read more.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Annihilating the Rationalist Thoughts of A Youth Drowning in Kufr of Leninism

The young man, whom we will still conceal his identity despite the calls otherwise, has remained defiant up to this moment; he arrogantly parades himself as the new voice for the liberal Muslims. Several efforts have been made in the past days to make him see the follies in his jaundiced submissions which he has been repeatedly told to be tantamount to unbelief in Islam. He has rather armed himself for a self-declared war against those whom he dubbed ‘religious robots.’

He wrote on 4th of January, 2013,

... I am expecting the card to be played by the scumbag who laid fatwa on me yesterday before I dissect his lunacy. These Neo-Salafists will be dished accordingly!!
Read more

Vindicating Islam and the North from the Menace of Boko Haram

The Muslim Ummah in Nigeria is no doubt in Fitnah. We have been given a bad name and repeatedly been hanged.

That Islam still survives here is wonderful. One wonders why some people still embrace the Deen despite the turmoil that has been blamed on it. Just imagine if the stigma has not been there. Well, Allaah is the Custodian of His Deen; He has promised it will reign supreme even when all hope is lost.

For some years now a notorious group, Jama’ah Ahlis-Sunnah Lid-Da’wah Wal-Jihaad (a.k.a. Boko Haram), has been on rampage killing and maiming in the name of Islam and Jihaad! Just as it kills non-Muslims (unjustifiably) it kills Muslims as collateral damage. How many clerics have fallen to the bullets of its charlatans! How many places of worship, including the houses of Allâh – mosques, have been violated by its urchins! Everybody lives in fear. No day passes except it sends a terror message of rocket or bomb attack, or kidnapping! Thousands of people have lost their lives in the macabre of Boko Haram. It is on record that more Muslims have been killed in the rebellion than other people. Sanctity of lives makes no meaning to the perpetrators of the evil. Read more

‘Collective Work and Legislated Cooperation’

Rasheed Sanni said the Salafees, because they decry the invented jamaa’aat, are but calling to individualism. He wrote, ‘an alternative canvassed by the Coalition group members, is individualism or standing aloof from all the groups.’

The purport of the hadith of Hudhayfah bn Yaman is that sects of misguidance (that include these jamaa’aat that we have shown came to the Muslims via innovated paths) should be avoided and shunned, if one wants to practice the ideal Deen. That however does not mean that Islam has not legislated other forms of cooperation.

Read more.