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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Annihilating the Rationalist Thoughts of A Youth Drowning in Kufr of Leninism

The young man, whom we will still conceal his identity despite the calls otherwise, has remained defiant up to this moment; he arrogantly parades himself as the new voice for the liberal Muslims. Several efforts have been made in the past days to make him see the follies in his jaundiced submissions which he has been repeatedly told to be tantamount to unbelief in Islam. He has rather armed himself for a self-declared war against those whom he dubbed ‘religious robots.’

He wrote on 4th of January, 2013,

... I am expecting the card to be played by the scumbag who laid fatwa on me yesterday before I dissect his lunacy. These Neo-Salafists will be dished accordingly!!
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