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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Some ten years ago in South-West Nigeria, there arrived a fellow from Egypt en route Lagos and finally landed in a city known for some Islamic presence albeit Soofiyyah, Ilorin. This was a time when there was a resurgence of Sunnah-Salafiyyah in the region. Many youths were very enthusiastic to learn what was new in the Sunnah, and without much ado, would put it into action. This was also a time when many Sunnah-loving youths were freeing themselves from the blindness of hizbiyyah [blameworthy partisanship] that was being promoted by many Sunnah-seeming organizations. There were scholars of Sunnah at the time but they were very handful, or not very prominent, perhaps because the challenge was not really there. Then the youths began to hear some conundrums from the fellow that arrived from Egypt. Things that were not what the youths were yearning for. Though some of the youths, especially those not really on the knowledge path, as usual, fell for the bait. Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalaanee [may Allâh show mercy on him], the writer of the popular Bulooghul-Maraam and the best commentary on Saheeh Bukhaari, was a Kâfir because he was an unrepentant Ash’aree (a person that makes some twistings in some of the Attributes of Allaah). Abu Haneefah [may Allâh show mercy on him] was no Imaam at all, in fact he was an ignoramus that rarely said what was correct whether in jurisprudential matters or ‘Aqeedah; he was a Mur’ji’ [a person that removes actions from belief] so he must be removed from the Four Imaams! Al-Imaam an-Nawawee [may Allâh show mercy on him] was also a Kâfir because he was as guilty as Ibn Hajar [may Allâh show mercy on him]. Al-Imaam As-Suyootee was indeed a Sufi whose comments and scholarly works amounted to nothing. If you eat with your spoon and fork you have come up with an innovation in the Deen and your abode is the hell, do not count on any excuse because there is no excuse in the matters that have to do with Aqeedah! If you have a newborn, and you invite people to it to dine with you, then you are as well as a kaafir. If your wife or daughter or mother does not cover her face then she is a sinner and her sin is nothing but a Kufr act, therefore she will enter the hellfire, no question. All the fathers are unbelievers if they do not hear what we say, hence when we pretentiously ask for the hands of their daughters in marriage and they fail to grant it we shall go ahead and marry them, there is no need for a Sharee’ah Qaadi to permit it, the Qudaat themselves are people of bid’ah and the people bid’ah, as far as we are concerned are Kuffaar, not even the minor Kufr! Kufr is Kufr just as bid’ah is bid’ah all which lands its doer in the hell as a major sin.

By Allâh, we have some youths that imbibe(d) the above false and far-from-the-correct-manhaj teachings, and of course, put them into ferocious actions declaring whomever comes with different stances even if they are more correct as kuffaar mubtadi’oon. May Allâh save the Muslims.

Nobody brought the thoughts we have mentioned to South-West Nigeria other than the fellow that came from Egypt via Lagos. His name is Muhammad Awwal Alee Jabata [may Allâh guide him and us to what is correct]. He is indeed a scourge for the Muslims in the South-West Nigeria.

As we said, he had his higher schooling in Egypt. He studied nothing but the course many scholars of Sunnah, past and present, had warned us about, Falsafa [Philosophy] in a university which nobody goes and remains safe in ‘Aqeedah and Manhaj except whomever is shown mercy by Allâh, al-Azhar University, Cairo. Jabata was doing his Master’s degrees when he was sent away from the school for anti-government activities; he was eventually jailed. One of his former first-class students, whom Allâh the Bountiful Lord has saved from him, Abdul-Fattaah Balloo, told us that when they were students under him, Jabata used to boast of being sent out of the Azhari University because of what he claimed were bold steps in saying the ‘truth’ against the government! Read more.

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